Older, Wiser, Livelier Souls (O.W.L.S.)
Join us for the new O.W.L.S season, exploring the “Treasures of the Driftless”

“Trout Streams & Trout Lilies”

  • Thursday, April 20th & 10 am
  • Reservations are required.
  • Reserve your spot today by calling 563-245-1516.
  • Program Fee $2.00 – Sack Lunch $6.00

Get your spring on during Osborne’s second O.W.L.S. program of the season. Come explore with us in beautiful Fayette County as we search for early spring wildflowers in some of my favorite secret spots. We will find many woodland beauties and hopefully find some rare specimens if the timing is right. We will also meet up with the trout stocking truck to see the fisheries biologists in action.

You may reserve a sack lunch or bring your own for this fun adventure. The shuttle will leave Osborne Park at 10 am on Thursday, April 20th, reservations are required.

Garlic Mustard Cook-Off

Friday, April 28th, 4pm – Osborne Park

One of Iowa’s most pernicious invasive plants was brought to America for its culinary versatility. It’s a problem with a delicious solution, so let’s cook our way out of it!

Got skills to make a pernicious invader delicious to savor? Get your chef on with this unique contest.

  • Cooks – Must get plants from Osborne, dishes judged by tasters, and Prize for best dish.
  • Judges – Members of the public, one vote per judge, and judges need not register in advance.

Contestants MUST pull their garlic mustard supply from Osborne in the days prior.

Garlic Mustard Recipes

Ask to speak to Kenny @ 563-245-1516 or