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The Becker Property covers 373 acres located in two parcels. The east property, located along Highway 52 and the Great River Road, covers 200 acres of crop ground and upland forest. The west property is along Millville Road and covers 173 acres of crop ground and forested area. The property was acquired through a life estate in November of 2012. “Said property to be used for demonstration of conservation practices, enhancement of wildlife habitat and public recreational use and benefit.”


A Wildlife Habitat Stamp Grant was received in 2021 to repair the dikes for two retention ponds, one at each of the Becker Wildlife Areas (east and west). The repairs will allow the ponds to hold water again, with water level control structures to ensure ponds remain shallow enough for dabbling ducks and other wildlife. Work was completed on the west pond in the Fall of 2022. The east pond work will begin in spring 2023.


The Welcome Center/Osborne Nature Center is open
Mon-Sat. 8:00 AM-4:00 PM & Sun. Noon - 4:00 PM 

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