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In 2005 the Clayton County Conservation Board lime-chipped four miles of an old railway bed that began in Elkader, Iowa. Today Pony Hollow Trail is used as a hiking, biking, walking, snowmobiling, and horseback-riding path.

Along the trail there are three interpretive signs that explain the topography, trees, and wetlands that can be seen throughout the trek. Pony Hollow Trail can be utilized throughout the year and is 4 miles in one direction with a round trip excursion at 8 miles. 

Extension of the Pony Hollow Trail System has been overwhelmingly supported by community feedback.  This extension will be completed overtime in two phases.  Phase one will see a one-mile extension of the trail constructed east of highway 13 linking 250th Street (the north trailhead) to Grape Road. Phase two will see a one-mile extension of the trail constructed east of highway 13 linking Grape Road to South High Street, under highway 13, to the south trailhead near Elkader City Park.  This connection is part of the Northeast Iowa Backbone Trail, and will serve as an economic catalyst for our rural community while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment and directly promoting health and safety. 

Clayton County Active Transportation Plan

Northeast Iowa Regional Trails Economic Impact Analysis



The trail is flat making it perfect for walking, running, bikes and horses.

The Welcome Center/Osborne Nature Center & Native Wildlife Exhibit is open
Mon-Sat. 8:00 AM-4:00 PM & Sun. Noon-4:00 PM. 

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