"The Clayton County Conservation Board invites you to visit and enjoy the natural resources and recreational opportunities in Clayton County."


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Older, Wiser, Livelier, Souls

October 19, 2017
‘Haunting Mossy Glen’
Meet at Osborne 11 am for potluck and program.
Reservations Required
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“Better Know A Property” Hike
Wednesday, November 1st, 5:00 PM
Becker East Wildlife Area
Reservations Required

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Holiday Walk: Season’s Greetings
Thursday, December 7th, 6 pm
Osborne Park, Elkader, IA

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Visit Osborne & More!

Osborne Welcome Center and Osborne Park

The Osborne Park is located 5 miles south of Elkader on Highway 13 and features a Native Wildlife Exhibit, walking trails, open shelters, Nature and Welcome Center, gift shop.

Come visit with us and see what great and unusual products are available right here at Osborne!

The Osborne Partners for Education Endowment Fund

Osborne Education Endowment Fund

Helpful Information


Pony Hollow Trail will be having repair work done in the next couple weeks. Please be aware areas may be blocked or inaccessible until the work is completed.

  Bloody Run Park News 


Bloody Run Park News

Ticks and lyme disease

It’s tick season; be sure to check when you’ve been out in the woods or grasslands. Follow these links for symptoms, treatment and prevention of lyme disease:


Visitor/Nature Center Hours

Summer Schedule
April to October
8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Saturday
12:00-4:00pm Sunday

Winter Schedule
October to April
Monday- Saturday
Closed on Sundays

All parks close at 10:30 pm


Iowa’s County Conservation Board System started in 1955. Clayton County’s Conservation Board continues to strive to meet the goals outlined in the Iowa Code (acquire, develop, maintain, and make available to the citizens of the county forests, wildlife, and other conservation areas. To promote and preserve the general welfare of the people). The Clayton County Conservation Board manages some 1000 acres.