Attracting Success
It's in our nature.  

  • Producing these promotional videos highlighting the success of our young professionals in Clayton County. 

  • Engaging with our young professionals and recruiting a more diverse workforce.

  •  Hosting an Attracting Success Summit which will be held in 2022 to promote our local young professionals.

We are taking action by: 

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We are looking for: 

  • Community leaders who are willing to serve as ambassadors of Clayton County.

  • Industry leaders, those providing workplace experiences, and looking to expand their workforce. 

  • Promotional partners who can help to spread key messages of the things NEIA has to offer. 

  • Educational institutions that enhance connections between their students and the workforce. 

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The Welcome Center/Osborne Nature Center is open
Mon-Sat 8AM-4PM & Sunday 12PM-4PM