Meet the Clayton County Conservation Board

The Clayton County Conservation Board is a 5-member volunteer board appointed by the Clayton County Board of Supervisors to a 5-year rotating term. The Conservation Board usually meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Osborne Conservation Center.

Board Members
Board Chair:Gary Kregel of Guttenberg
Board Vice-Chair : Daryl Landsgard of St. Olaf
Board Secretary: Larry Stone of Elkader
Board Member: Marilyn Lenth of Postville
Board Member: Pam Vaske of Strawberry Point

The Clayton County Conservation staff would like to thank our board members for volunteering their time to make Clayton County a better place to live and visit. View our 2016 Annual Report.

November 14, 2017
6:00 pm, Osborne

Call to Order
Recognition of Guests
Agenda: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Minutes: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

Claims: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Financial Report: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

Old Business
1. Shop Walk Through (5:45-6:00 on your own)
2. Michelle Barness- 5 Year Plan Update Session (6:30)
3. Motor Mill Trail (update)
4. FY19 Budget Planning – Admin, REAP, Reserve, Revenue (review Farm Contracts requests)

New Business
1. LP Bids: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

Upcoming Programs/Events
December 7  – Holiday Walk

Conservation Staff completed the required KnowB4 computer training for all county employees
Scherf submitted Paint IA Beautiful/Keep IA Beautiful Grant for Nature Center (basement)
Slocum, Stone and Pollock attended the Upper Mississippi Gaming Corp. Awards Ceremony 10.30.17
Scherf and Kraus welcomed 834 individuals in 272 groups to the Welcome Center (includes HDs)
Kraus worked on Annual Camping Report and provided 10 year statistics on Bloody Run as requested
Slocum and Harkrader hosted 6 events for 400 participants, including Heritage Days/return participants
Mulford and Anderson finished up HDs, Shop, and Park Winterization and maintenance task lists

Closed Session

Meeting Adjourned: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Next meeting scheduled December 12, 6:00pm Osborne



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