Meet the Clayton County Conservation Board

The Clayton County Conservation Board is a 5-member volunteer board appointed by the Clayton County Board of Supervisors to a 5-year rotating term. The Conservation Board usually meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Osborne Conservation Center.

Board Photo

Board Members
Board Chair:
Board Vice-Chair : Gary Kregel of Guttenberg
Board Secretary: Larry Stone of Elkader
Board Member: Marilyn Lenth of Postville
Board Member: Daryl Landsgard of St. Olaf
Board Member: Pam Vaske of Strawberry Point

The Clayton County Conservation staff would like to thank our board members for volunteering their time to make Clayton County a better place to live and visit. View our 2016 Annual Report.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
6:00 pm, Osborne Conservation Center

Call to Order
Recognition of Guests

Agenda: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Minutes: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Claims: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
Financial Report: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

Old Business
1. Eno Property Update
2. Budget FY18 Discussion
a. FY18 Salary
: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
b. Revenue Budget: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________
c. Expense Budget: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

New Business
1. Permit Request for Motor Mill
2. OHV Park near North Buena Vista- Justin Rath, Speaker on Iowa OHV Parks

Upcoming Programs/Events
May 15th    “Better Know a Property”- Hike at Pleasant Ridge Wildlife Unit

June 2nd    Disc Golf Tournament

June 3rd     Free Fishing Youth Derby-Backbone

July 15th     Murky Turkey Floatilla

Kraus welcomed 129 visitors, restocked the Iowa Room, completed claims and deposits for the month
Harkrader and Slocum presented 14 programs to 589 Youth, 74 adults, prepared summer work schedules, conducted
interviews and hired seasonal staff (2 naturalists and 1 Motor Mill Intern).
Mulford and Anderson conducted interviews and hired 5 seasonal staff for maintenance
Mulford replaced the visitor information kiosk, bear-proofed the animal exhibit, began spring maintenance at parks
Anderson recertified and attended CCPOA training in Black Hawk Co, and he led a station for Safety Fair at Starmont
Pollock organized summer patrol and welcome center schedules, assisted with claims, deposits, year-end budget adj., shop construction, event planning and promotion on collaborative projects, welcomed visitors, and FEMA processing

Closed Session

Meeting Adjourned: MOTION__________, Second__________: Vote__________

Next meeting scheduled June 13, Frenchtown County Park (Frenchtown/Guttenberg) @ 2pm

*Visioning with Staff and SWOT Analysis for five-year plan update*


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