Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the buffalo?

In 2004 the buffalo and elk pens were flooded twice and part of the fence taken out by the flood waters. At that time the animals were sold.

How does one go about having things for sale in the Iowa Room? 

Talk to the office manager or secretary. Goods are bought outright and then marked for resale in the shop.

Why the name “Motor”?

Nobody knows for certain. The area had been called Hastings Bottoms and was renamed in the 1860’s.

When did the bridge at Motor Mill collapse?

Summer 1991. In June 2008, the remaining span was taken out by the floodwaters.

How often do you have public programs and what do they cost?

The Clayton County Conservation Board has monthly programs and generally they are free of charge.

When are trout streams stocked?

You may obtain trout stocking information by calling 1-563-245-2446.  This information is also available at the IDNR website.

How old is the Osborne Center?

The Osborne Welcome and Nature Center was built in 1988.  The Osborne Center is an official Iowa Welcome Center; it contains a gift shop, nature center and the office of the Clayton County Conservation Board.

Where is Clayton County, Iowa? 

Clayton County, Iowa is located in Northeast Iowa amongst the rolling limestone hills.  It is bordered to the east by the Mississippi River and is approximately 70 miles from Cedar Falls, Iowa and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The county seat of Clayton County is Elkader, Iowa.

Can I schedule a field trip for my school, church, or youth activity group?

Yes, scheduled field trips are available to any organized group.  For in county residents there is no charge for this service.  For out of county residents there is a  $2 fee per person or youth.